About Us


Our Values

  • We work to provide the right part at the right price
  • We endeavour to have the part delivered on time
  • We source quality products
  • We ensure friendly, professional service


"Over the last 15 years I have been working in the parts industry focusing on the importing of heavy earthmoving and heavy transport industries. In that time, I have also had an 18-month stint in the field as an operator which gave me a clear understanding of time frame requirements for parts to get the machine operational again.

Having acquired One65 Imports back in April 2016, I have worked hard to establish trusted relationships with international suppliers capable of meeting client demands for productive, reliable and safe equipment and solutions, at a reasonable capital cost."

Steve Blakeley – Owner of One65 Imports Ltd.


One65 has secured the NZ-South Pacific dealership for Expander Pin® and secured the New Zealand agency for Molytec Australia.